As a Dancer, the one thing that brings me down is not being able to move my body.

As a Mom, somedays I'm stuck with no chance to dance.

But even during those days, I do these 3 things, keeping my body and mind balanced and sharp for dance:

Eat Mindfully

We need to have a balance and be mindful of what we nourish our body with.

How often do you find yourself eating junk food? 

I’m not saying I don't do it once in a while. I am not perfect, and we are not meant to be perfect!

What I’m saying is, food is fuel and you need to charge your body with the best quality fuel to have the best quality performance not just in dance but in life. (Look no further than the produce section!)

It is pretty obvious, if you eat McDonald's before practice, a show, competition, etc.

do you think you will give your best performance?

As tempting as it is, please remember that our body is our instrument by which we express this art of Dance!

I try my best to cook my families meals and drink lots of water and teas!

I also stopped drinking soda or any sugary drinks 6 years ago and I feel like that alone made a huge difference in my body!

Isolated Movements and Stretches

Isolated movements are great for learning how to move parts independently from others.

Always start warming up slowly, then add isolations involving the parts of your body you need to work on.

For example, I like to work (but not limiting only) on my hips and waist for bigger, rounder and fuller motion.

Lastly do some stretches throughout your workout, remember flexibility is key!

I like to do Isolated Movements and Stretches throughout the day.

5 minutes here and there and I really feel improvement. 


Open up your mind to new creative movement possibilities and uniqueness. 

You will find your habits and break out of your comfort zone.

Simply express yourself to the rhythm of the music, let go and lead your movements from the heart.

No thinking required!!

If you want to be creative, you want to get better at free-styling, then you NEED this moment to yourself. 

Creativity is a muscle that just like any other muscle, you won't get better at it if you don't work on it!

I always tell my students to record themselves, you need to document it! That way you can go back and pick bits and pieces that can lead to your best choreography!

You will be amazed of how your body expresses when you are immersed into your emotions <3

I freestyle throughout the day, whenever I feel like, 1 to 2 minutes at a time is all you need!

Personally, I feel these are 3 things every dancer should do every day, and are things you can do even when you have a tight schedule.

When I do have time to dance and train myself to improve, I make sure I am Inspired and enjoying the process.

I remind myself why I am doing this and I say it out loud... "I am creating leaders, I help others better their lives through dance, experiencing love, joy, and expressing themselves without limitations".

I have my ups and downs, days where I am so motivated and days where I just don't feel like dancing at all but I am aware of that!

The trick is when you learn to cherish every moment, good or bad because that's what makes you come back stronger, there's no limits keep rising!

Try these tips for yourself and let me know how they work for you. If you have any questions, comments or tips you want to share, please do in the comment section! This space is for all of us to come together and Rise as One!

Be grateful, Be patient, Be humble 

Hard work pays off!

#DancerMindset #DanceIsLife #RiseasOne

Whether you are an experienced dancer or just getting started, I will give you all the tools, tips, and exercises that have helped me achieve  my goals!  

I will be sure we accomplish your goals together!

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